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Mink Genome Project!

The Mink Genome Project is a collaborative study involving K. Christensen & R. Anistoroaei at Institute of Basic Animal & Veterinary Science, The Faculty of Life science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Hossain Farid & Bernhard Benkel at Department of Plant and Animal Science, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Truro, NS, Canada. It is aimed at producing a map and sequence of all the chromosomes in mink.

Our Collaboration Includes:

  • Generating new molecular markers for constructing and improving the genetic map for the American mink.
  • Localizing and ordering these markers on the mink chromosomes using linkage analysis and Hybrid Cell Lines.
  • Generating better defined Hybrid Cell Lines.
  • Generating a BAC library resource for the mink genome
  • Generating a cDNA library in order to identify and annotate new genes

Mink linkage database (username and pass word needed)

  • QTL Mink database (username and pass word needed)

  • Mink 10 fold BAC library

    Mink paternity test


    Mink linkage resource families


    Here you find all new features
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    microsatlittes, primers,
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    This site was created by Knud Christensen and Razvan Anistoroaei. All questions relating to the Mink Genome Project should be directed to kc@life.ku.dk or ran@life.ku.dk


    This site is still under construction